Intelligent Lighting

Create an enhanced visual atmosphere with the use of intelligent lighting movers. Movers can create a strobe like effect bringing any event to life! Movers are offered in an array of colors and can highlight certain areas of your venue with sophistication.

DMX Uplighting

Want to change the way your venue looks with the flip of a switch? Now you can with our exclusive DMX Uplighting! We recommend uplighting to improve the entire ambiance of any event. Our LED lights can accentuate décor, tables, and moldings while also hiding imperfections with bright colors. Coordinate your lights with music too!

Stock or Customized Monograms

Get creative with your event by choosing stock pattern stencils or design your own! These patterns and monograms can be placed throughout your venue, from the walls and ceilings down to your dancefloor. Monograms can make a big difference in the visual representation of your event!


Highlight certain aspects of your event like centerpieces or even just a cake!

Personalized Lighting Technician

Ever see a light show? Our professional lighting technician can take over the responsibility of your event’s lighting by customizing lighting shows and syncing up sound and lights to move together!